Exhibitors at the MSE 2016: Thermo-Calc Software AB

Thermo-Calc Software AB of Stockholm, Sweden is a global leader in computational thermodynamics software tools within the area of material science.

Its flagship software tool Thermo-Calc has been used for more than 25 years by leading industrial, governmental and academic researchers and engineers to create multi-component thermodynamic and phase diagram calculations, and more than 1,000 licenses of Thermo-Calc software are currently in place. Its diffusion simulation tool DICTRA, which uses ThermoCalc as its engine, has been widely utilized since its introduction more than 14 years ago. TC-PRISMA is a tool for simulating multi-particle precipitation kinetics of diffusion-controlled processes in multicomponent and multi-phase alloy systems. Thermo-Calc Software AB was founded as an independent company in 1997 as an off-spring from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Department of Materials Science, in Stockholm, Sweden.


Norra Stationsgatan 93 
SE-113 64 Stockholm Sweden
T  +46 8 545 959 30

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