The MSE Poster Prize 2016

Of course no scientific conference is complete without a poster session. The MSE Poster Session is a great opportunity for students, and scientists, who strive to attract the attention of the international expert community to their research findings.

An expert jury casts their vote at the MSE Poster Session and selects the best poster of each of the main topics and the winners were awarded with an MSE Poster Prize. This year’s winners are:

Functional Materials and Devices: 
Sebastian Behr of Hamburg University of Technology for his poster “Additive-Free Lithium-Ion Cathodes by Freeze-Casting Technology”.

Structural Materials:
Karel Tesar from the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic for his poster “Enhanced bending plasticity induced by twinning-detwinning in thin Mg wires prepared by single-step direct extrusion".

Synthesis and Processing: 
Mike Mosbacher from the University of Bayreuth for his poster on „Three step heat treatment of ZrNb7 for improved oxide adhesion in tribological applications”.

Dr. Stefan Zaefferer from MPIE (Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung) for the poster „Determination of total dislocation densities in deformed metals using Kikuchi band profile analysis”.

Modelling and Simulation: 
Markus Jäckle of Helmholtz Institute Ulm for his poster on “Diffusion properties of anode metals studied using DFT: growth phenomena and the effect of an electric field”.

Christian Helbing from Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena for his poster “Self-Assembled Plasma Protein Hybrid Nanofibres”.

An Interview with one of the winner – the the Ph.D. Student Karel Tesar from the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic can be found here.

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