Forum for students and young professionals

Supporting young professionals in their development and career planning is one of the primary duties of the DGM. Therefore a forum for young professionals designed and organized by the DGM-Nachwuchsausschuss (DGM Offspring Board) and supported by the DGM branch office was offered to the students and young professionals.

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The forum started on Sunday September 25, 2016 and was subsequently integrated into the DGM members meeting and the MSE conference. 

One goal was to introduce and inform new MatWerk students and PhD candidates about the DGM organization and activities.

Thus, new ideas for the Young-DGM were developed in workshops and, in a poster session, the projects and activities of the individual Young-DGM local groups were presented. In order to ensure enough time for networking, the first day ended in a jovially evening with the DGM chairperson and DGM referents in the bar “Hotzenplotz”

The next morning young professionals and experts met for the DGM breakfast where the young participants received their personal lots for the tombola.

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