Sightseeing in Darmstadt

Beyond MSE Darmstadt has a lot to offer: Having been the administrative center of Hessia for centuries, starting with the earldom of Katzenelnbogen in 1568 Darmstadt has a rich cultural heritage.

Mathildenhöhe (Bild:Claudia Ewerhardy)

Marktplatz und Altes Rathaus (Bild: Carlos Delgado; CC-BY-SA)

Residence Palace (Bild: Rudolf Stricker)

Waldspirale (Bild: Guido Radig)

Since the early 19th century this public square is the central place of the former residence city of Darmstadt. The Ludwig monument, fondly called “tall Ludwig” by the inhabitants of Darmstadt, right at the centre of the place commemorates a significant historic occasion: the first Hessian constitution of 1820. 

The historic heritage of the Mathildenhöhe today presents itself as a unique synthesis of the arts of Hochzeitsturm (marriage tower), exhibition building, museum Künstlerkolonie (artist colony), artists' homes, sycamore grove and open grounds. 

Residence Palace
The residence palace is located in Darmstadts city centre. Erected in the 13th century by the counts of Katzenelnbogener as a moated castle it was passed into possession of the Hessian landgrave in 1479. 

Market square and Old Townhall 
Since the 14th century the market square is an important commercial centre. Even today the weekly market takes place every Wednesday and at the weekend. 

The fountain on the market square dates back to 1546.

The locally brewed beer can be enjoyed in the historic council's cellar in the Old Townhall or in the beer garden during the summer months. 

The Waldspirale is more than a residential building complex. The name translates into English as forest spiral, reflecting both the general plan of the building and the fact that it has a green roof. It was designed by Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser, planned and implemented by architect Heinz M. Springmann, and constructed by the Bauverein Darmstadt company. The building was completed in 2000.

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