Tutorials at Euromat 2017: 3D Microstructure Analysis and Tomography in the Micro, Nano and Atomic scale

Three dimensional microstructure characterization at different scales plays the key role for understanding the quantitative relationship between processing, microstructure and properties. Starting from statistical analysis of simple shaped microstructures and their stereological 3D estimation, the necessity of tomographic techniques for complex microstructures will be explained.

The tutorial will give an overview of tomographic imaging techniques in different length scales, namely serial sectioning techniques based on advanced mechanical as well as FIB-SEM techniques, X-ray tomography including Lab based as well as synchrotron techniques, TEM tomography, and finally the Atom Probe Tomography. State of the art, recent application examples and new trends for each method will be briefly discussed.

Further information about the tutorial can be found here.

All tutorials taking place during Euromat 2017 can be found here.

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