Tutorials at Euromat 2017: Aluminium Metallurgy, Processing and Application in automotive design

Introduction to basic material science of Aluminium alloys and related technical topics of Aluminium alloys, fabrication, processing and applications (as castings, extrusions, sheet), e.g. in transport (or else).

Specific Aluminium Alloys and properties for products in automobile applications, links to publicinformation and e-learning tools will be presented by

Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Hirsch,

  • Senior scientist at Hydro Aluminium Research & Development Bonn/Germany (retired),
  • Professor (apl.) at the Institut für Metallkunde and Metallphysik - RWTH Aachen and
  • former President of the German Society for Material Science "DGM" (2015 and 2016).

Further information about the tutorial can be found here.

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