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10 years of successful and constantly growing MSE congresses in Germany

-this is a thrilling and key moment to sharpen the goals of such an interdisciplinary "broadband" conference of Materials Science and Engineering. It is also a key moment to stop and assess the feedback from participants of all MSE conferences so far. Therefore, we have established a constantly renewing organization with a conference board and an international advisory board. Our goal is to present every two years and right between the well-established Euromat conferences an attractive event with a unique flavor and brand for the manifold European materials community and beyond. It should be some kind of a marketplace to discover the pioneering spirit of new and emerging trends and at the same time the chance to see beyond the own immediate task and to think out of the box. This may tighten our community and inspire new insights for all of us. Your constructive feedback is always welcome.

On behalf of the Conference Board, I am looking forward to see all of you at the MSE2018 in Darmstadt.

Frank Mücklich, Conference Chair


Professor Frank Mücklich is head of the Institute for Functional Materials at Saarland University and Chairman of the European School of Materials (EUSMAT) as well as founding director of the Material Engineering Center Saarland (MECS). His main research field is 3D microstructure research in the micro, nano and atomic scale. Among his numerous scientific awards is the Henry Clifton Sorby Award from ASM in 2016. He also developed the Direct Laser Interference Patterning (DLIP) technique for an efficient design of 3D-microstructures and -surfaces with superior functionalities which was awarded the international Berthold Leibinger Innovation Prize for novel laser applications in 2016. He published more than 300 scientific papers, holds 11 patents and serves as editor of the well established international journal Practical Metallography - Preparation, Imaging and Analysis of Microstructures. He was honoured to be the conference chair of EUROMAT2013 in Sevilla, the mayor Materials Science Conference in Europe.

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