4. Symposium Euro Friction, Wear and Wear Protection

The fourth edition of the international Symposium on Friction, Wear and Wear Protection took place at the conference center in Ettlingen castle. Almost 70 delegates from Industry and Academia met three days to discuss the latest findings and open questions in Tribology.

The symposium started with a provoking Keynote presentation by Alfons Fischer on Fretting corrosion in artificial joints where it was shown that hardness is not a criterion for wear. The second keynote (Volker Weihnacht, Fraunhofer IWS) gave an overview on the technology of ta-C coatings and showed that there are many open questions to understand the effect of lubricants on the wear of DLC. The first day was concluded by a session wear resistant materials and hard facings, e.g. in valve applications (O.Lehman, MWH). The second day of the symposium started with ceramics and tribochemistry. Among many other topics a new wear model for tribocorrosion in hip joints was presented (S.Cao, EPFL) and the influence of hydrogen for the occurrence of white etching cracks discussed (D. Kuerten, Fraunhofer IWM). In the session on microstructural effect, Z.Liu, KIT reported on the discovery of a dislocation trace line that appears in the early stage of sliding of sapphire against copper and nickel. Also the microstructural evolution in pearlitic steel was discussed (C. Fink, MPIE Duesseldorf) and a new method to analyze the running-in behavior presented (D. Linsler, Fraunhofer IWM). The conference dinner in the spectacular location of the "Rittersaal" in Ettlingen castle concluded the second day with lively discussions on the results shown during the presentations. The last day started with a session on low friction materials and new instrumentation and the symposium was finally closed with a keynote talk by Lars Pastewka from KIT who showed the state-of-the-art of contact mechanics calculations and measurements. During lunch and coffee breaks the exhibition allowed to see the newest instruments and to get in touch with companies.

Overall the symposium was very well received and we hope to welcome everyone again in Ettlingen for the next Euro Friction, Wear and Wear Protection.

Martin Dienwiebel

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