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It is the substantive aim of this academic series to optimally illustrate the scientific fields “material sciences and engineering” (MatWerk for short) by presenting outstanding research results.

Material sciences and engineering consider themselves as key disciplines that provide a wide range of solutions for the challenges currently posed for society, particularly in such cutting-edge fields as energy, climate and environmental protection, sustainable use of resources, mobility, health, safety, or communication. The findings gained from material sciences enable the production of technical materials with new or enhanced properties. The properties of a structural component depend on the selected technical material, the constructive design of the component, the production process, and the operational load during use. This comprises the complete life cycle of structural components up to their recycling or re-use of the materials. It also includes the development of completely new production methods. It will only be possible to ensure a continuous progress, for example in engineering, automotive industry, aviation industry, chemical industry, medical engineering, energy technology, environment protection etc., by constantly gaining such research results. Therefore, only selected dissertations, habilitations, and collected works are published in this series. An advisory board consisting of renowned scientists and practitioners stands for the certified quality of the results. The series is open to early-stage researchers as well as to established engineering scientists.


Dr.-Ing. Frank O. R. Fischer (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Materialkunde e.V.)

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