Dr. Brett Suddell, acting President of Federation of European Materials Societies, was guest at the DGM board meeting.

On 19 October 2017, Dr. Brett Suddell, acting President of the FEMS - Federation of European Materials Societies, was a guest at the DGM board meeting held at the Science Center in Bonn. On the evening before the event, the members of the board and Dr. Suddell had the opportunity to get to know each other and exchange ideas.

In the meeting Dr. Suddell reported in detail on the innovation and current activities of FEMS. Based on a SWAT analysis, Brett Suddell quickly identified what the FEMS stands for and helped to sharpen the FEMS profile. The member societies should be more actively involved in the FEMS and the FEMS should become known beyond their successful conferences (EUROMAT and junior EUROMAT). As the umbrella organization for European materials science and engineering, the following objectives are pursued:

  • dissemination of scientific, technical and other knowledge of materials
  • facilitation of communication and exchange of information between its members
  • Coordinate activities of the member airlines in order to make optimal use of resources
  • Ensuring optimal visibility of MatWerk in governmental and nongovernmental organizations, industry and academia
  • promote the development of links and cooperation between R&D and industry.

These goals and activities are shown on the new FEMS-website and various advertising brochures. In addition to the presentation of FEMS, the opportunity was discussed to involve DGM, one of the founding members of FEMS, more actively in European activities. Possible activities could be the organization of a upcoming EUROMAT and/or juniorEUROMAT conference in Germany. For the international EUROMAT conference there are already efforts within the DGM to apply for the organization of the conference in Dresden in 2023. This would be a further step to increase the visibility of DGM within the FEMS.

In the afternoon, Dr. Brett Suddell and Dr. Stefan Klein (DGM) used the opportunity to explore the Cologne / Bonn area and discuss further steps and activities.

The visit of Dr. Brett Suddell to the board meeting of the DGM was very well received and the possibilities to work more closely together were very welcome.

The Executive Board of the DGM would like to thank Dr. Brett Suddell once again for his participation and the presentation of the FEMS.


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