All welcome to the Argentinean-German networking symposium!

Dear Young and Experienced Colleagues,

During the last decades, it has become quite clear that collaborations are a fundamental part of scientific work. Materials engineers/scientists, physicists and chemists have understood the need to work hand in hand to comprehend the complex properties of structural and functional materials. Argentina and Germany have a strong tradition in scientific cooperation, rendering that Argentina will be the guest country at the conference Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) 2018 (Chairman: Prof. Frank M├╝cklich, Saarland University, Germany).

Numerous scientific activities are planned at MSE 2018 to showcase the research collaboration in materials science/engineering between Germany and Argentina. These are being organized by a group of German and Argentinean materials scientists led by Prof. Aldo R. Boccaccini (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany). In addition, numerous networking activities are also scheduled for young researchers. An Argentinean-German student networking symposium is intended to connect and foment collaborations among the young as well as with experienced scientists/engineers from Argentina and Germany. We are preparing an exciting program with invited talks of Argentinean/German young scientists with working experience in both countries and/or bilateral scientific collaborations. Lectures of various organizations with bilateral funding opportunities and exchange programs are also scheduled in conjunction with talks of young scientists working under those schemes. Additionally, there will be talks related to technological transfer and entrepreneurialism. Beside those presentations and talks a set of social networking events, as well as visits to research institutes and companies, are  planned.

Joining efforts can only lead to enriched results. The team organizing the young networking symposium consists of Argentinean and German young and senior scientists, so we rely on this concept. I sincerely hope that MSE 2018 will lead to impactful collaborations for the development of materials science and engineering in both countries. On behalf of the organizing team of the Argentinean-German networking symposium, I am looking forward to seeing you all at MSE 2018 in Darmstadt.

Matias Acosta

The curriculum vitae you can find here.

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